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"I was diagnosed with Degenerative Arthritis and Compression Deformity in cervical (neck) vertebrae C6 and C7. I had neck pain, shoulder and elbow pain, and was told my problems would get progressively worse.

When I started with Dr. Gatza, I had results almost instantly. In the first week I regained a natural curvature of the neck, compared to a flatter vertebral column. The muscles around my neck relaxed and were nice and supple compared to being very tight and restrictive in range of motion. I feel stronger and healthier already from following my plan here.

I have already recommended my friends to come here.

Thank you Dr. Gatza,


"My condition was terrible: Osteoarthritis, severe pain in the neck, migraine headaches, numbness in my right arm, severe flare-ups in my feet, loss of ambition, and loss of energy. I've had these things for 27 years and they have gotten progressively worse. My Rheumatologist (10 years), gastroenterologist (1.5 years) and G.P. (forever) just gave bandaid medication which didn't really help much. Dr. Gatza asked me if any of my doctors told me I'd have to live with this, and I answered, Oh, sure - "Arthritis is a LIFER!"

Complications kept creeping up - my feet would hurt so bad, I'd hang on to the walls upon wakening.

When I think about all I've gone through and how long I've felt this way and I didn't know where to go...but I finally found the right place.

The pain and cracking didn't stop until I found Dr. Gatza. My energy is back, MY FEET ARE NOT IN PAiN, no headaches, I'm finally sleeping well, my mid-afternoon slump is gone, aches and pains are diminishing all over my body. I don't need the pain pills anymore. I've also had a nice side benefit - lost 9 lbs and I feel great. No hunger pangs!

Thank you very much for all the help and love,


"I had arthritis, bronchitits, migraines twice a week, gall bladder attacks, asthma, sinus trouble, allergies, gas and bloating, fatigue and I was hypothyroid. I was under the care of a family doctor, orthopedic and oncologist. My treatments were multiple antibiotics, Synthroid, Darvon, Darvocet, Nuprim and Demerol. I spent thousands of dollars because I was in the hospital a lot. I was a druggie! Four doctors told me I'd just have to learn to live with my pain for the rest of my life.

Since becoming a patient at Florida Wellness Institute, I am a different person. I have no pain in my ankles from arthritis, have not been in the hospital or M.D.s office for bronchitis, asthma, or gall bladder since starting. I am now able to work eight hours a day with NO PAIN and I have lost weight and feel great. AND,


I like the doctors here. They explain everything to you. You may not believe them but you should because they do make you a 100% better person.


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