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"I had terrible stomach pains, cramps, bloating, spasms, diarrhea and "explosive diarrhea". I was taking a very expensive drug ($250 a month) but it was not helping. I was miserable and started to accept that I was just going to have to live with it for the rest of my life.

However, Dr's Gatza changed all of this. Within 2 weeks of becoming their patient ALL MY IBS SYMPTOMS had disappeared and I was no longer doubled over in pain with spasms. I was pain-free, full of energy and my body felt 100 times better.

With their natural treatments my spastic colon was gone. I am so grateful to the Florida Wellness clinic for helping me be healthy again. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone I meet because I know that they can help anyone who is experiencing unnecessary pain.

Thank you Dr. Gatza"

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